Baraka Women's Center provides vital training and support for vulnerable and disadvantaged women living in Nairobi's informal settlements.
Baraka Women's Center provides vital training and support for vulnerable and disadvantaged women living in Nairobi's informal settlements.

Programs and Events



March 8, 2017


Baraka Center members display their handmade products at an International Women's Day event in Nairobi.  First Lady Margaret Kenyatta spoke with them about their work.


November 2016


106 Baraka Women's Center member participate in a march in Nairobi to end sexual violence against women.



November 2016

Women and men particpated for a half-day training on the health effects of alcohol and tobacco. 


October 2016


Baraka craftswomen show their products to Kenya President Kenyatta at the MSEA exhibition

Investing in the Power of Women

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