Member Success Stories

Teresia Wanjiku

""When I joined BWC, I found other young mothers like me who wanted to acquire skills. We were introduced to the BWC vocational skills...  


Today I am the lead trainer in tailoring and dress making and making many designs for African bags and dresses....This has had a great impact on my life! I am being marketed nationally and I am receiving so many orders."


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Alice Waruguru – My Story


Alice Waruguru shared her painful life experience while growing up.  She had challenges with raising shcool fees. Currently, she is perfecting her tailoring skills at BWC.

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Mary Paul - My  Story


""I am in tears of joy when I recall where Baraka Women’s Center removed me from and who I am today. I have two good businesses of my own and have opened a bank account where I do my savings. I have stopped taking drugs. If it were not for BWC, I would not be who I am today."


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Ann Muthoni Wanjiru - My Story


"I have regained my self-esteem, my light in life rekindled and have girls I am finding like my sisters. I have found a home I felt I had lost after my mother’s death. I am praying for Baraka Women to grow big and big because it’s a home for the hopeless and homeless. God help Baraka Women’s Center to get funds and be in a position to accommodate many women and their children by giving them the voice they lack."

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Jane Wangui Wanyoike - My Story

“This was the first time after so many years I had people who believed in me and never condemned me for my mistakes....Your story is your weapon, and be willing to share it to the world. I’m encouraging many young women and old women who are desperate and have lost hope to visit Baraka Women’s Center to gain back what they have lost in life."


Jane Wangui Wanyoike - My Story.pdf
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Mirriam Auma - My Story

"This is a paradise for women and young girls who have lost hope in life and they feel emotionally and socially crushed down. This place has made me open up, to fall in love with myself and appreciate who I am, and I have  been equipped with five skills in my life." 


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Florence Njeri - My Story

"One day when I had been sent on an errand in the evening when four men attacked and took me to an abandoned house. They gang raped me repeatedly in turns without stopping. I could not scream because they had covered my mouth. By the time they left me I was no longer myself. All that had happened to me when I was a small girl  came back to me so powerfully that I was out of my mind. I went home and was taken to the hospital where I was admitted and started being treated. 

Florence Njeri - My Story.pdf
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Scolastica Wairimu– My Story

"We arrived at the Center and were received a warm  welcome by lovely and lively women. What a place to be!  Where you feel you belong and you are worthy! I shared my story with the Program Director Wanjiru Ngigi through my cousin, and through her reaction I could see she is willing and ready for me." 


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Goretti Wairimu - My Story


"When I called her [Center Manager Teresia Mwangi] she invited me to visit the Center which I did. I found Teresia and teacher Wanjiru who counseled and awakened my self-esteem and got the wings to fly again. They believed in me and asked me to join other women in what they were doing.  I received a refresh course on entrepreneurship and leadership."


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Shelmyth Njeri - My Story

Nothing compares to the power of women when their purpose is to fight for a common course...Sharing our challenges every morning gave a spirit of cohesiveness... I was slowly but surely gaining financial freedom. Meeting my basic needs was no longer a nightmare."

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Elizabeth Kananu - My Story

"I believe the training sessions given by Baraka Women Center have instilled a life changing wave of confidence, entrepreneurship, and money management skills. I lead a life of dignity where I can earn a decent living. This has transformed my Family."


Elizabeth Kananu BWC transformed my life[...]
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