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 A safe welcoming place that provides vital training and support for vulnerable and disadvantaged women living in the slums of Nairobi and its environs.



Karibu BWC









Entreprenurship and Leadership Mentorship In Laikipia.


Baraka Women Center was in Laikipia celebrating the power of a woman through Entreprenurship and Leadership mentorship day.


Therefore, Baraka is fundraising for hair dressing and beauty equipment. Sewing machines.


We appeal for any donations.


Baraka Branch In Laikipia


Baraka women's center has opened another branch in Laikipia County Rumuruti.


This is a milestone as women living in remote areas have a  place to call their own.



New Baraka Mtindo Fashion Shop (BMFA)


Baraka has a  new outlet for the popular brand mtingo fashion.


It is situated in Thika Kahigaini stage.


The purpose of the shop is to sustain the dress making program.


Deliveries are made for those who cannot physically come to the shop.


Visit the news page for details.



Baraka Baskets


Pastor Cyrus Njora of Baraka Women Center shows visitors  baskets for going shopping and food warmers.


Other products were Baraka 2022 Jewelry. All products are hand made.


Happy new year from Baraka.

Baraka Women's Center Celebrate Chritmas.


Special thanks to Susan Burges Lent for your kind donation.  For wishing all mothers and youth a Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2022.


Let us give back to the community and touch souls.  Celebrate with the needy and one another.








Karibu Nyumbani. 7 Things You Can Do While Visiting Baraka Women's Center Website.


1. Order for masks and curtains


2. You can order for fashionable clothes.


3. Donate to Baraka Paypal or bank account.


4. Donate clothes by contacting the centre.


5. Sponsor a learning program.


6. Visit the about us page and download our bronchure. 


7. Enquire about boys rehabilitation program.

Baraka Center has expanded with the opening of a rehabilitation  home  



We have opened a rehabilitation center for alcoholic and substance use, disorder persons as a part of Baraka Women's Center new project.


Baraka Therapeutic home offers services on

1. Rehabilitation.

2. Detoxification.

3. Addiction counseling.

4. Psychosocial support.

5. Family Therapy.

6. Alcoholic Anonymous/ Narcotic. Anonymous meetings.

7. Vocational training as part of recovery program.

Cyrus Initiative


New farming skills of poultry and goat keeping by Cyrus. This is to ensure all recovery addicts and disadvantaged members, gain survival skills.

Family Therapy (September 2021)


Substance abuse can be quite taxing for the family. At Baraka women's Center, we are ensuring all members of the family heal.  The sessions are being led by Pastor Njora.


It is no longer an individual fight but the fight of the whole family.  While an individual is affected, finances, sibling relations and school attandance go down.


At Baraka Center, our work is to reduce the stress level in the family using tried and tested communication channels.

Visitors at Baraka Center July 2021


US Ambassador self held Group Mrs. Faith Ngai with dark purple visited  BWC with  a colleague from UN to come and see the group that wrote a proposal to US  Ambassadors self help group asking for tailoring machines, salon Equipment's and computers. 

In the display is Baraka's Mtindo fashion which you can order to promote our ladies.
You are welcome to visit Baraka and make an impact in our various programs. Scroll through the website to view.

Dr. Teresia Njora Graduation. 22/June/2021



From left is Engineer Charles Kalomba, the Secretary General of KNFJKA. Next is CEO Mr. Muteti of KNFJKA,in the middle is Dr. Teresia Njora of Baraka Women’s Center, next to her is Pastor Cyrus Njora, head of AA/NA (Alcoholic Anonymus/Nacotics Anonymus) program and furthest right is Pastor Ken Bakuri. 



Dr. Teresia graduated from Breakthrough International Bible University. Her graduation is an encouragement to young women to pursue education. 




Investing In The Power Of Women.



It was a big day made with love. Women in business had a workshop with Stanbic. They were able to open accounts. 

Home Visit



Teresia Njora and Wanjiru Ngigi visited Alice, who had given birth. keep a young mother close to your heart by  Supporting Baraka. Visit the contacts page or call this number - 0721381008.




Baraka Women's Center has recieved a hand washing tank donated by Stanbic Bank through MSEA(Micro and Small Enterprise Authority). it was recieved by Mr. Alexander Kihia of BWC.


         21 October 2020


Teresia Mwangi, Baraka Women's Center Manager, appears  on Al Huda TV to talk about the work of the Center and the  products made by the members.

         Segment begins at 1:24:00


          16 October 2020


 Baraka Center distributes food staples to the first wave of  25  members and their children.


        9 October 2020 


Caroline Nyambura receives a check from the UWEZO Fund to support table banking and vocational training.




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Face masks 

for COVID-19 Prevention 



Baraka Women sew masks and provides community  education on COVID-19 prevention.

Contact Teresia 0721-381008



Help Baraka Feed the Hungry


During this crisis, Baraka Women's Center is assisting members and their  families with needed food items. We greatly appreciate donations of these items (in bulk): 


               Sugar   Tea   Maize Flour   Rice   Cooking Oil   

                                       Charcoal or Propane


  Donors receive acknowledgement on this website. 

Contact Wanjiru Ngigi   0721-417993

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