Achievements of Baraka Women's Center


Since October 2012, the Center has made extraordinary progress assisting women throughout Nairobi. Among the many achievements:


  • 30,000 face masks produced for COV-19 prevention;


  • 5 members employed by the Center in administration and teaching;


  • 121 women completed two series of Entrepreneur and Transformational Leadership (E&L) Training; 61 of them (an amazing 50%) now have successful businesses


  • 13 Women’s Table Banking Groups with 304 members organized to access to seed capital for their businesses;


  • 10 women trained as Adult Education teachers;


  • 36 members completed the Functional Literacy Program;


  • 40 registered and 26 completed a Computer Training Course and were certified;


  • Over 120 women and men engaged in awareness and planning workshops to address widespread sexual and domestic violence in the community;


  • 80+ women trained in weekly workshops to reduce stress and depression;


  • 24 members trained in HIV/AIDS awareness workshops;


  • Community screenings for HIV/AIDS and TB provided by MSF and the Ministry of Health;


  • BWC members displayed and sold products at four exhibitions sponsored by NGAAF;


  • BWC graduates 45 trainees from a 5-month Hair and Beauty Skills Training in partnership with NITA;




Investing in the    Power of Women

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