August 2022 Donations


Distribution of food to BWC members, who live in Kibra and Mathare North.  Laikipia women were not left our either.


The food stuff includes maize flour and rice.


BWC ladies appreciates Susan Lent for the kind gesture.

July 222 Kwale Graduation in RPL.


Recognition of prior learning  (RPL) made history by having the first graduation in Kwale. The graduation was for artisans and dressmakers. Baraka's niche is dressmaking.


The graduation was at base tatanium empowerment and training center.


The informal becomes formal. Baraka is greatful for this success.



May 2022 Rumuruti


Dr. Teresia Njora together with women in Rumuruti thank the almighty for enabling them have a women's Center.


Baraka Women's Center Rumuruti.



March 2022 BMFA Products In Thika Shop.


1. Dresses


2. Baskets


3. Bags


4. Jewellery


5. Hats


All hand made with a touch of Africa.



March 2022 Baraka Chairs.


These are such beutiful African chairs.


They were made by Hannah Mutheu of BWC.


They can be found at our new Thika shop.



March 2022 Give back


An old beneficiary of Baraka women Center Florence Gikonyo is training trainiees on how to do massage on a client.


She is giving back. This is one of BWC success stories.



February 2022 Dress


This is a dress made by one of our beneficiaries.   


Baraka Women Center wishes to advance to international sales in the near future.


Baraka loves fashion.

February  2022 Donation Received.


Dr. Teresia Waikuru receive curtains donated by Memory from United Nations on behalf of Baraka Women's Center.


Thank you.

January 2022 Classes.


In this photo we have Baraka old and new students.


With the help of teacher Wanjiru, they are designing clothes and perfecting eyebrows skills.



News from Baraka Center 

November 2021  US Embassy Awards Baraka.


The Embassy of the United States of America through the Ambassador's Special Self- Help Fund awards Baraka Women's Center.


This is to empower women and out of school girls in tailoring computers and hairdressing skills.  Thank you Eric Kneedler.



November 2021 Women in trade stakeholder training (WIT)


BWC management and its members in business attended (WIT), women in trade stakeholder training invited by  KNCCI and Trademark organisation.


The learning is to help the members  in digital marketing in selling of products. 

The Pride of Baraka Women's Center.



Baraka has unique products at a cheap price that we sell every month.


Whenever you buy our products, you empower more young mothers, more youth, and more women through vocational trainings.


The colors match with any outfit. The african print bags are good for occasions.


You can order bags in bulk and they will be delivered - at your convenient location.


Talk to us.

October 2021 Youth Day At Baraka


We care about the youth at Baraka Women's Center. We had the National Federation of Jua Kali Association Entrepreneurship training spnsored by GIZ.


The training was by hand in hand  Afterwards, the youth got a treat of tea and snacks. 

Mt. Kenya Women Empowerment Program Awards Baraka.



Baraka women’s center/ Baraka Therapeutic home celebrated by Mt Kenya women empowerment forum for touching many lives through mentor ship, transformation , vocational trainings, addiction counseling and family restoration.


A moment of prayer to thank and celebrate God for enabling us to do all we have done. We didn’t take it for granted.

October 2021 Entrepreneurship Class



Baraka held a wonderful session on decisions and steps to become an entrepreneur. 



All trainees present covered the characteristics of a good entrepreneur.



October 2021 Group Therapy


Group therapy in Baraka Center has began. Persons bound to substance abuse are welcome.


1. The first picture on the left is a session with Pastor Njora. Group members discuss their challenges.


2. The second picture on the rightare prayers to God  as part of the healing process.

September 2021 Etiquette Class


Students at Baraka center are privilleged to attend an ettiquette class. 


Most of the courses comprise of handling many customers. Part of the lesson is to handle everyone with respect.


Inset: The beauty teacher seated on the left in Pink, explains the rules and practices.

September 2021  International Labor Organisation Project Assessment. 


International Labor Organisation and Young African staff, visited BWC to assess it's project for recognition of prior learning. 


This is part of a followup on what NITA had assessed  girls through an exam.

August 2021  Making and Packaging of Masks


Brand colors of your company is important. At Baraka Women Center, we can design for you masks in bulk like protrayed in the picture on the right. After that, decide on how you want the masks to be packed. 

August 2021 Vocational Skills


Every woman's dream is to see her child succeed in life. At Baraks Center, we have studied through the years and seen the strugles of our own women. That is why our rehabilitaion center was birthed. As boys recover from alcoholism, we will teach them vocational skills. As you can see in one of this pictures, boys will be able to cook healthy and regain their health.

August 2021 Baraka Babies



1. A baby plays near her mum as she makes PPE.

2. A mother holds a baby while assisting a fellow student.

3. The program coodinater Wanjiru Ngigi holds a baby as she supervises students.

4. Baby sits in a wash area while her mother works.  We are telling you all this to see the possibility of a day care at Baraka. 

July 2021 Baraka Beauty


The first picture portrays hairdressing which has not been left out in Baraka's best. The Trainer is  fixing a childs hair. 


The second picture portrays a beauty trainer demonstrating how to fix eyebrows.


The picture at the bottom is beauty therapy training. The trainees are keen to learn  how to manicure.


July 2021 African Attire


It has been another busy month. The lead  tailor is explaining to the trainees on how to measure and cut African women attire. 

July 2021 Curtains


You will love Baraka curtains. Baraka tailors make lovely curtains. The lead trainer explains to students how to design and cut curtains.

July 2021 Fashion


Students of Baraka display one of the designs that customers can order.

June 2021 (PPE)


Students discuss on how they can start preparing personal protective equipment (PPE). The students are solving  a great problem that the society is facing today.

June 22nd 2021


It was pure joy for these women in business, to witness the graduation of Dr. Teresia Njora. 

June 9th 2021



Children clothes were donated by a well wisher to vulnerable children of young mothers . The mothers were overwelmed by joy.  Long live BWC.


May 2021



Juhudi Kilimo Micro Finance officers visited BWC business women to train them on types of loans they can take for their business.


May 2021



Kenya  National Qualification Authority. Recognition of Prior Learning. All tailors are from BWC.



May 2021



Mentorship session session in progress. The main topic was self awareness and self respect and how to rebrand their business.

April 2021



A visit to young mothers is always a delight. Baraka ensures they become more responsible mothers in the future.


November  2020



Baraka Women's Center has recieved a hand washing tank donated by Stanbic Bank through MSEA(Micro and Small Enterprise Authority). it was recieved by Mr. Alexander Kihia of BWC.


November  2020


Baraka Women Center though the Mastercard Foundation and Equity Bank have empowered women businesses through interest free loans. The women occasionally come to the centre for mentorship and training. 


October 2020


Women trained during the Dec - Feb Health Education Program as community trainers meet to review materials and information for their work to educate about and prevent gender-based violence in their neighborhoods.

September 2020


Baraka Centers members attend a training provided by KNCCI and Mastercard Foundation through the COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience Program for Entrepreneurs

September 2020


Baraka Centers members attend a training provided by KNCCI and Mastercard Foundation through the COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience Program for Entrepreneurs



September 2020


Amina Abdala, Cabinet Secretary for Youth, Gender and Social Services, visits exhibition of fine crafts produced by Baraka Women's Center women and youth.



August 2020


Center members sort through clothing and shoes donated by a generous supporter. 


May 2020


Since early April, Baraka Women have been making face masks for COVID-19 prevention in the Ngara and Mathare communities.


The Ministry of Health placed an order with BWC to produce 4000 masks.


The project supports over a dozen women at a critical time.

February 20, 2020   Completion of the Women's Health Education Program


Workshops provided by six subject experts to over 190 participants: 

FGM Awareness, GBV Awareness, Substance Abuse Recovery, Reproductive Health

Special Session: Training of Trainers.

11 Feb 2020


Representatives of Baraka Women's Center attend 34th Surajkund International Crafts Exhibition in India, promoting the unique products of Baraka Mtindo Bora, their fashion accessories business.


10 Aug 2019


Meeting Mama Sarah Obama

From left: Peter Ndier, Founder of SOWO; Teresia Mwangi, Manager, Baraka Women's Center; Susan Burgess-Lent, WCI Executive Director; Mama Sarah Obama, grandmother of Baraka; Paster Cyrus Njora, Trainer at Baraka Women's Center.  

April 23-24 2019

50 BWC Members to attend  workshop on intellectual property, productivity and competitiveness.

Sponsored by KNFJKA and Kenya Industrial Property Institute.


26 March 2019



Her Excellency Mrs Margaret Kenyatta addressess a crowd including members of Baraka Women's Center at a gala celebration of International Women's Day.

January 2019


Guests from the U.S. joined in providing substance abuse and recovery awareness sessions.


They also purchased jewerly made by members of  Baraka Women's Center


See additional photos of their activities with BWC staff and members below

January 2019



The innovative EDGE protocol, introduced by WCI Board Member Grant Williams, is used to work with a heroin recovery group.

December 2018


Eldoret International Exhibition  2 - 9 December


Baraka Women's Center exhibited its unique fashion accessories crafted by the Center's members.


Proceeds support the development of women's businesses.



November 2018


BWC's beaders are preparing their unique jewelry and household accessories for the EAC annual Jua Kali Exhibition in Eldoret 2nd-10th December. 


Find them at the Eldoret Sports Club 

Uasin Gishu County

Free Entry!

October 2018


At the International Trade Fair, His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta, President of the Republic of Kenya, listens to Ms Teresia Waikuru (center), Manager of Baraka Women's Center describe how the Center empowers women. He also  admired the products made by the women the Center. Looking on are the members and the exhibitors of BWC.



His Excellency Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko admires the beautiful baskets made by Baraka Women's Center using waste paper.


The Nairobi County Government sponsored BWC's five stalls at the Exhibition.


7 September 2018



BWC Manager Teresia W Mwangi receives a Crown Women's Rising Award for Entrepreneurship.





Below are more photos from the gala.

6 september 2018   Gaduation Day


A gathering of 95 women to celebrate the achievements of BWC trainees.


  • The Beadwork Group certifies 30 women;


  • Hair and Beauty Vocational Skills Training graduates 20 young women (after a 5-month course)


  • SGBV Awareness Program graduates 40 women


  • Computer Training  graduates10 members


In the photogallery below, graduation certificates are presented by Dr. Hadassah Emily Soroko, Founder of Crown Women Rising (right) and Teresia Waikuru Mwangi, Manager, Baraka Women's Center


30 August 2018


Baraka Women's Center has moved to a new larger home.



Ram Building (Union of Churches)

First Floor 


Opposite Total petrol station

August 2018


Teresia Waikuru, BWC's Manager, has been nominated for the Crown Women Rising Award.  The gala event will be held Sept 7th at the Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi.


Kenya Federation of Jua Kali has selected Ms. Waikuru to speak on behalf of the informal sector at MSEA meeting.




5 June 2018


Embu Deputy Governor receives jewelry designed and crafted by BWC members.



12 February 2018


Center Manger Teresia Mwangi reviews plans for an agricultural project in Kwale Country with Charles Kalomba and Linet Wairimu



8 March  2017


Baraka Center members display their handmade products at an International Women's Day event in Nairobi.  First Lady Margaret Kenyatta spoke with them about their work.


November 2016


106 Baraka Women's Center member participate in a march in Nairobi to end sexual violence against women.



November 2016


Women and men particpated in a half-day training on the health effects of alcohol and tobacco. 



October 2016


Baraka craftswomen show their products to Kenya President Kenyatta at the MSEA exhibition

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