Baraka Mtindo Bora  

Baraka's Best Style


Craftswomen at Baraka Women's Center are creating a variety of beautiful handbags and jewelry for wholesale and retail sales.

This business helps provide a livelihood for over 20 BWC members.



Contact: Teresia               


We are constructing BMB's online store.  To order in the meantime, please go HERE

Fashion accessories from Baraka Women's Center


A stunning variety of styles and colors to lend beauty and spirit and to any ensemble

   Fashion Bangles

Put some sparkle on your wrist! A variety of bracelet styles - each a fashion statement

     Beaded Bags

Dramatic, eye-catching handbags crafted of special fabrics with beaded accents and handles

    Ring Bracelets

 Make a scene!        These unique          bracelets send a     shiver of style         down to a               matching ring

Investing in the Power of Women

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