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Our organisation was founded on the idea of helping those in need. Ever since our organization was established, we have endeavored to provide help where the need is greatest.


 We advocate for those who need our help. Even a little help goes a long way.


That is why we are especially happy to find new volunteers and donors who share our commitment to doing good in the world. Do you want to support us by helping with our work? Then do not hesitate to contact us. A helping hand is always greatly appreciated! Though previous engagements, we can list afew of our achivements. we hope to achieve more through your partership with us.


Achievements of Baraka Women's Center


Since October 2012, the Center has made extraordinary progress assisting women throughout Nairobi. Among the many achievements:


  • 30,000 face masks produced for COV-19 prevention;


  • 5 members employed by the Center in administration and teaching;


  • 121 women completed two series of Entrepreneur and Transformational Leadership (E&L) Training; 61 of them (an amazing 50%) now have successful businesses


  • 13 Women’s Table Banking Groups with 304 members organized to access to seed capital for their businesses;


  • 10 women trained as Adult Education teachers;


  • 36 members completed the Functional Literacy Program;


  • 40 registered and 26 completed a Computer Training Course and were certified;


  • Over 120 women and men engaged in awareness and planning workshops to address widespread sexual and domestic violence in the community;


  • 80+ women trained in weekly workshops to reduce stress and depression;


  • 24 members trained in HIV/AIDS awareness workshops;


  • Community screenings for HIV/AIDS and TB provided by MSF and the Ministry of Health;


  • BWC members displayed and sold products at four exhibitions sponsored by NGAAF;


  • BWC graduates 45 trainees from a 5-month Hair and Beauty Skills Training in partnership with NITA.






Investing in the Power of Women

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