Health Support Program

Awareness and Healing


Living in poverty delivers many significant traumas to women including rape and abuse, and threats to health including early pregnancy, exposure to sexually transmitted diseases, FGM, and poor nutrition. Recovery from these traumas and stressors requires intervention through sensitization and counseling. A solid sense of self-worth is the basis of all progress in education, employment, health, and leadership within the community.


Through sensitization and counseling, the program increases women’s ability to learn new behaviors that support their growth and confidence.


Training sessions for some topics will accommodate 100-200 individuals. Small group (up to 6) and individual counseling is also available.



AA -NA Meetings

for alcohol and substance abuse recovery

led by the team of Teresia Mwangi, Certified Recovery Specialist, and Pastor Cyrus Njora

The Edge


Baraka Center also uses The Edge Protocol, developed by Grant Williams, founder of This is the Edge.

Workshops emphasize respect for self and others, promote tolerance of unfamiliar cultures and ideas, and cultivattion of a heightened sense of empathy and understanding


In early Septembe 2018, parents asked Center Manger Teresia to counsel their girls.  Teresia invited them to work with her using The Edge.  This opened the door for future group sessions on the issue young women face.



Investing in the Power of Women

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